iPad Requirement

To improve learning outcomes and prepare more job-ready, tech-savvy nurses, we require our Bachelor of Science in Nursing students to use an iPad as part of the curriculum.

Students must have an iPad or iPad mini with a minimum of 64GB of storage.

With the iPad, students receive:

  • About $170 worth of e-textbooks
  • About $100 worth of applications
  • The option to purchase or rent e-textbooks
  • Set-up instructions and iPad training during student orientation
  • Tech support from our in-house helpdesk

We continue to work with clinical sites to incorporate the iPad in real-world practice, as technology in the workplace is the future of health care.

Helpful Tips

1. Wait to Purchase Your Books

At orientation, faculty and staff will address which textbooks you will need and walk through how to download and purchase e-books, along with any necessary supplemental packages, platforms and/or software.  

2. Wait to Purchase Your Apps

At orientation, the college will provide you with a standardized set of applications for your iPad, so wait to purchase or download apps until orientation to prevent duplicates.

For more information or questions, email or call 513-558-5205.