Our Future

As health care changes, so does nursing education. We continue our commitment to being on the forefront of this changing landscape. We also continue to set the standard for innovative, active learning.

Learn about the ambitious goals we’ve set to further equip our future nursing professionals to be successful leaders. These goals will allow us to continue to provide innovative learning environments and opportunities.

  • Expansion of the Center for Aging with Dignity
    Our goal is to increase the development and implementation of best-practice programs to enhance personal and professional responsibility to optimize older adults’ dignity, well-being and health. We will continue to expand the availability and utilization of knowledge resources by front-line staff in health care organizations related to patient safety.

  • Creation of the Center for Innovation and Excellence in Nursing Education
    This includes the expansion of our already strong clinical skills laboratory into a “Smart Hospital” with endowments to permanently allow for ongoing purchase and maintenance of the most technologically advanced “active” learning equipment and facilities. It will encompass education and innovation from student through veteran faculty members strengthening our Center for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL).

  • Expansion of the Institute for Nursing Research and Scholarship
    Our priority list includes the development of permanent funds to support endowed faculty research efforts in important areas such as workplace violence and alcoholism. In addition, we want to expand our research funds to foster ongoing focus on research to improve and impact nursing education strategies.

  • Dramatically Increase Scholarship Support
    The College of Nursing is proud of the scholarship support we provide to our students. We are committed to increasing that support and provide increased support to BSN to PhD students and funding for nursing students focused on becoming nurse educators. The College is committed to securing $5 million in scholarship funding during the university’s Proudly Cincinnati capital campaign.

  • Significantly Increase the College’s Impact Globally
    The College of Nursing has expanded our programs to include international clinical sites, distant learning options and a strong one-of-a-kind nursing co-op program. We are committed to expanding these programs, as well as, expanding our collaborative research partnerships with nursing programs around the globe.

  • Do you want to be a part of this transformation?
    To partner with us or to financially support these initiatives, please contact Matt Pearce, Senior Director of Development at Matt.Pearce@uc.edu or 513-558-5386.

  • Make a gift to the College of Nursing.