Office of the Dean

Greer Glazer, dean of the UC College of Nursing

A Letter from Dean Greer Glazer

At the College of Nursing, we’re focused on embracing our vision:

Through the creative leveraging of technology and inclusive excellence, we will lead the transformation of health care in partnership with the people we serve.

This has provided us a focus as we remain committed to equipping a diverse and culturally competent group of nurses to lead and provide excellent care.

Since our college was founded in 1889, much has changed in health care. I wholeheartedly believe that, more than ever, nurses have an extraordinary chance to lead the transformation of health care. 

Greater demand for high quality care is reliant on the unique expertise of nurses – who understand better than anyone how a patient’s health is affected by his or her environ­ment, relationships, and lifestyle. Nurses are rising to meet this demand by taking leading roles in the advancement of care, in administration, and in the growing technol­ogy improvements that are rapidly affecting the way health care is delivered.

As icons for what innovative nursing education looks like, we seek to partner with and educate individuals who are passionate about raising the standards of health care for people and our profession.


Greer Glazer RN, CNP, PhD, FAAN

Dean, University of Cincinnati College of Nursing

Schmidlapp Professor of Nursing