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Our History

Following our roots back to 1889, the College of Nursing has a strong history of success. Our programs have expanded to include nearly 3,000 students in a wide variety of educational programs. We are committed to placing students at the center and achieving academic and research excellence in all areas of the college. Results of this commitment include:

  • Awarded approximately $1 million in scholarships and graduate assistantship stipends for the 2012 academic year.
  • Ranking in the top 10% of US nursing programs according the US News & World Report.
  • Receiving over $2.6 million in extramural research awards during the 2009 fiscal year.
  • Developing partnerships with over 300 local clinical sites in order to provide students flexibility and diversity in clinical experiences.

UC College of Nursing Timeline

1889 - The college was founded
The college was founded as the Cincinnati Training School for Nurses through the support of the Ladies Board of Managers.

1896 - Joined the Cincinnati Hospital
We became an integral part of the Cincinnati Hospital and eventually accorded the rank of a professional school of the College of Medicine.

1916 - Became the first college to offer a BSN
The college became the first school to offer the baccalaureate degree in nursing. The educational program was reorganized to include collegiate courses in addition to the three-year hospital-based program. The result was a five-year combined baccalaureate program which granted the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree.

1918 - Incorporated Clinical Credits
The college was the first school to grant academic credit to students for clinical work.

1938 - Program became four-year BSN as 8th college of UC
The program was changed to a four-year baccalaureate program of general and professional nursing education, and became the eighth college of the university.

1942 - Became charter member of NLN
The College became a charter member of the National League for Nursing, the national accrediting agency and has maintained its accreditation without interruption.

1947 - Received endowed chair
The Jane E. Procter endowed Chair of Advanced Nursing Education was established making us the first collegiate college of nursing to receive an endowed chair.

1956 - One of first colleges to offer MSN
The college was among the first colleges to offer the Master of Science in Nursing degree.

1966 - Became first college to hold two endowed chairs
The Jacob G. Schmidlapp endowed Chair, to be occupied by the dean of the college, was established, making the College the first to hold two endowed chairs during that period.

1968 - Moved to Procter Hall
The College of Nursing and Health moved to its current location, Procter Hall, the first independent facility on UC’s campus dedicated to the education of practitioners of nursing. The Continuing Education Program was established the same year.

1982 - Received Robert Wood Johnson Teaching Nursing Home Project Grant
The college was one of the eleven schools of nursing nationally to receive the prestigious Robert Wood Johnson Teaching Nursing Home Project Grant for a full year funding period. The site of implementation was Maple Knoll Village. As a result of this project, the following year the College was designated a “Nursing Home Training Center” by the Ohio Department of Health. Later in 1987, the College received the Ross Laboratories Award for "Leadership in Long Term Care."

1984 - Received Ohio Board of Regents Executive Award
The college received the Ohio Board of Regents Executive Award to establish computer-assisted instruction for undergraduate students. A subsequent grant from the Helene Fuld Health Trust (1986) made it possible to complete the computer classroom and laboratory.

1986 - Received Advanced Nurse Training Grant Awards
The college received Advanced Nurse Training Grant Awards from the Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Nursing, to implement master's curriculum in Oncology Nursing (1986) and Gerontological Nursing (1988).

1986 Cont. - Received Area Health Education Center Special Initiative AwardThe college received the Area Health Education Center Special Initiative Award to establish an educational network for professional nurses employed in caring for the elderly.

1987 - Chosen to develop computer assisted interactive video for health sciences
We became one of 15 institutions chosen by IBM to develop computer assisted interactive video for health sciences.

1990 - Received Second Helene Fund Health Trust GrantWe received a second Helene Fuld Health Trust grant to further develop computer assisted learning.

1990 Cont. - PhD program offered
The Doctoral program (PhD) in nursing was implemented.

1990 Cont. - Center for Nursing Research established
The Center for Nursing Research, co-sponsored by the College of Nursing and University Hospital Patient Care Services, was first established in 1990. Completion of an "on site" facility was accomplished in 1992. Due to phenomenal productivity, it was officially named the Institute for Nursing Research in 1995. Under the aegis of the Institute are the Center for Gerontological Nursing Excellence (GNE) and the Center for Addiction Research (CAR).

1990 Cont. - Introduced Nursing Faculty Development for Substance Abuse Program
The Nursing Faculty Development for Substance Abuse Program was introduced.

1992 - Established MSN/MBA dual degree program
We established a joint master's degree with the College of Business Administration to award the MSN/MBA dual degrees.

1993 - Participation in Advanced Practice Pilot Program
We were one of three universities in Ohio selected to participate in the Advance Practice Pilot Program.

1993 Cont. - Accelerated Pathway program offered.
We were among the first programs to offer an Accelerated Pathway program which allows non-nursing degree holders to quickly become an RN and earn the MSN degree.

1994 - Project Succeed Health Initiative
We established a health initiative with Project Succeed within the Cincinnati Public School system.

1994 Cont. - Became WHO collaborating site affiliate
The college became an affiliate of George Mason University's World Health Organization collaborating site.

1995 - Established NIAP
We established the corporation for Nurses in Advanced Practice, Inc. (NIAP), a corporation of the College of Nursing. It was founded to provide nursing services on a contractual basis. One entity under this corporation is the Health Resource Center, located in the Free Store. The Center is staffed by faculty and students, who see as many as 200 indigent clients each month.

2001 - Began offering international clinicals
The college began offering international community health clinical opportunities to students. The first destination was Honduras.

2002 - Began offering nursing co-op program
Students receive additional real world nursing experience at local hospitals.

2002 cont. - Established first Center for Aging with Dignity
We established the first Center for Aging with Dignity dedicated to promoting dignity, well-being and health for the aging and chronically ill.

2004 - Established first Center for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
The first Center for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning was established.

2005 - Offered first distance learning programs
The college offered its first distance learning programs. The Nurse Midwifery and Women’s Health programs were offered completely online.

2005 Cont. - BSN Program expanded to Clermont Campus
Our undergraduate program expanded as the first Clermont BSN cohort began studies at the Clermont Campus in Batavia, Ohio.

2007 - Established Wedbush Nursing Legacy Centre
The Wedbush Nursing Legacy Centre was established offering a space to showcase nursing history and memorabilia. This Centre was generously made possible through a donation from Jean and Ed Wedbush.

2008 - Established Outstanding Teaching Award
The Rosalee C. Yeaworth endowed Outstanding Teaching Award was established.

2008 Cont. - Expansion of Institute for Nursing Research & Scholarship
Under the auspices of the Institute for Nursing Research and Scholarship, three Centers were developed to support the scholarly work of faculty members. These include the Center for Extramural Funding, the Center for Educational Research, Scholarship and Innovation, and the Center for Collaborative Nursing Practice Research.

2009 - First iTunes U podcast series released
The college’s Center for Aging with Dignity released the first podcast series through iTunes U.

2009 Cont. - Classrooms 100% E-learning Equipped
All College of Nursing classrooms were upgraded to be e-learning equipped.

2009 Cont. - RN to MSN Program Offered
The College of Nursing began offering the RN to MSN program which allows individuals to progress from an associate degree or hospital-based diploma nursing program to an MSN.  

2010 - DNP Program
As a result of the increased need for nurse leaders, the College began offering the DNP program.

2012 - Graduate Certificate in Nursing Education
The Graduate Certificate in Nursing Education was designed to address the shortage of faculty in nursing programs and enhance the skills of practicing nurses as preceptors and facilitators of staff development. 

2013 - iPad Initiative
Incorporated iPads into BSN curriculum.