Nightingale Statues

Florence Nightingale Awards for Excellence in Nursing

The Florence Nightingale Awards for Excellence in Nursing recognize outstanding nurses in the Greater Cincinnati region who go above and beyond to provide exceptional patient care.

2019 Awards Banquet

Join us for the Florence Nightingale Awards for Excellence in Nursing celebration, on May 9th.

For more information, contact Shelley Johnson, Program Director of Alumni Relations & College Engagement, at 513-556-6154 or To sponsor the 27th Annual Florence Nightingale Awards for Excellence in Nursing, visit

2019 Award Recipients

  • Jared Ashley - TriHealth Good Samaratian Hospital
  • Judi Brungs - St. Elizabeth Health Care
  • Marlene Feagan - St. Elizabeth Health Care
  • Dawn Harden - UC Health
  • Laura Olexa - Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
  • Margaret Schroeder - Robert A. Taft High School
  • Interact for Health/Growing Well Primary Care Providers (Team Award)
Individual Nominees (listed alphabetically)
Name Employer
Casey Acosta Mercy Clermont Hospital
Ellen Alexander TriHealth Bethesda North Hospital
Angela Antonelli St. Elizabeth Healthcare
Jared Ashley TriHealth Good Samaritan Hospital
Lisa Belcher TriHealth
Lorraine Bloemer Mercy Health Anderson Hospital
Emily Brandt St. Elizabeth Healthcare Edgewood
Sharon Brown UC Health
Judi Brungs St. Elizabeth Health Care
Martha Budd Cincinnati Children's Hospital
Tori Budde Good Samaritan
Pamela Casey TriHealth
Renita Chancellor Mercy Health Physicians The Heart Institute-West
Barbara Chaney St. Elizabeth Healthcare
Ashley Collier
Mercy Health
Jessica Cooper UC Health
Kalyn Corstanje Bethesda North
Abbie Crookham City of Cincinnati Health Department
Rebekah Davidson UCMC
Alicia Davs Cincinnati Children's Hospital
Renee Davis St. Elizabeth Healthcare
Catherine Denman Mercy Health Anderson Hospital
Sarah Ellis Mercy Anderson
Marlene Faegan St. Elizabeth Healthcare
Lynn Farmer Aetna
Michelle Feldhouse Mercy Health Clermont
Alex Flores Cincinnati Children's Hospital
Olivia Frias Cincinnati Children's Hospital
Yvette Garbe Stevens CVS Minute Clinic, Retail Healthcare
Olivia Gardner UC Health
Kelsey Gates
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Kathleen Gormon
The Christ Hospital
Erin Hamilton
Bon Secours Mercy Health
Dawn Harden University of Cincinnati Medical Center
Rebekah Harding TriHealth
Jeanie Hollander Bethesda North Hospital
Christina Jordan St Joseph Home
Andrea Kehling St. Elizabeth Healthcare
Tina Koch UC Health
Emily Kraft UC Health
Ashel Kruetzkamp St Elizabeth Healthcare
Carol Lasiewski (posthumous)
Emily Leigh Good Samaritan
Anita Logsdon OHC, Inc.
Janea Matherly UC Health
Suzette Maynard The Little Clinic
Missy Meier St Elizabeth
Rachael Memory
Mercy Health Anderson
Regina Menninger UC Health
Aarrica Miller American Mercy Home Care
Krista Morsbach TriHealth, Bethesda North  
Jessica Neal Mercy Health Clermont Hospital
Sue Nickoson Good Samaritan
Laura Olexa CCHMC
Julie Overman Daniel Drake Center for Post-Acute Care
Kristy Ratcliff The Christ Hospital
Michelle Reynolds Community Urgent Care
Kristen Rodriguez
Christ Hospital
Gregory Rolls
UC health, Air care-Mobile care
Kristie Scheek Mercy Clermont
Peggy Schansler Mercy West
Margaret Schroeder City of Cincinnati
Linda Schuler St. Elizabeth Fort Thomas
Chelsea Sensibaugh Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Brandi Shoupe TriHealth
Erin Stricker
Michelle Strole The Christ Hospital
Jennifer Strong TriHealth
Salena Utter Mercy Health
Amy Vann
UC physcians
Theresa Vietor St. Elizabeth Healthcare
Annie Weathers Mercy Clermont
Kyle Wilkin Bethesda North
Rose Wilmes St Elizabeth Healthcare
Becky Wilson
St Elizabeth Healthcare
Melissa Winborne TriHealth, Bethesda North, 4100
Christy Wolff
Cincinnati Children's Hospital
Sarah Woods
Mercy Health
Team Nominations (listed alaphabetically)
Cincinnnati Children's Hospital Medical Center - Bone Marrow Transplant Recognition & Retention Team
Cincinnnati Children's Hospital Medical Center - Bone Marrow Transplant Shared Governance Team
Cincinnnati Children's Hospital Medical Center - Coordinated Care Council
Cincinnnati Children's Hospital Medical Center - LVAD Team
Cincinnnati Children's Hospital Medical Center - Safety Council
Growing Well Primary Care Providers
Mercy Health Team
St. Elizabeth - 2C Team
The Christ Hospital - Geriatric Team
The Christ Hospital - PACU & SDS Teams
The Christ Hospital CVSU Team
The Christ Hospital Health Network - The Palliative Care Team
The Christ Hospital LVAD Team
The Kroger Health Team
The Ohio Heart & Vascular, The Christ Hospital
TriHealth - Bethesda North Emergency Department
UC Health Team

About Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale developed the first organized training school for nurses in 1860 in London. The University of Cincinnati College of Nursing, founded in 1889 as the Cincinnati Training School for Nurses, was modeled after the design of the Nightingale Training School for Nurses in London.

This bronze bust given to award recipients is a replica of a gift provided to the college by the great-grandniece of Florence Nightingale, Joan Nightingale Fox. The sculptor, Fr. Jerome Cox, has studios in Florence, Italy, and Minneapolis, Minnesota. A variety of European artists from Fr. Cox's studio collaborated in the development of the bust's hair, cap, and cloak. The statue, presented in 1996, is proudly displayed at the entrance of Procter Hall.