Classrooms at the College of Nursing are created as an environment conducive to learning in the twenty-first century. All of our classrooms are equipped with technology that helps facilitate classes in a more productive way, creating a setting that helps students learn more effectively. All of our classrooms are equipped for e-learning with live video streaming as well as video archiving, giving students the option to watch classes from home or as podcasts long after the live class was held.

The Collaboratory

Times are changing, teaching is adapting, technology is evolving, and it is time we change the way we use space in education. The classroom has gone unchanged for centuries: rows of chairs, facing the front of the room, in bland, white-walled classrooms. The College of Nursing decided to challenge tradition with a pilot classroom called, the Collaboratory.

The Collaboratory was created to challenge the status quo while delivering an environment inspired by the learning language of today’s generation. Our hope in creating this space is that teaching and group collaboration are no longer like a guided tour through the safari, where one person has all the knowledge and courage to explore while the rest huddle together inside the tour bus trying not to be Simba’s dinner! Instead, learning becomes a journey where all members actively participate. This room, equipped with all mobile furniture, wireless computing equipment and video sharing capabilities allows flexibility and creativity in teaching and learning.

Instructional Design Lab

In its first phase, it encompasses a space specifically designed for faculty, staff and students to create professional audio and video content using high-end tools such as Camtasia and iMovie software, condenser microphones and cameras. This studio is used to create podcasts and online classes, as well as, by students to develop innovative senior capstone presentations and videos. Graduate with the technology skills you need to effectively present your ideas for transformation in the health care environment.

Virtual Classrooms

Our virtual classrooms also challenge the status quo for online learning. With live classrooms equipped to capture both a video stream of the instructor and the projector, students are able to clearly see and interact with class content. Chat and video features also allow students to interact directly with faculty and other class members when taking the course synchronously. A 2009 upgrade of our recording and streaming equipment allows students to take advantage of the latest in virtual classroom technology.