Adult-Gero Primary Care NP Post-Master's Certificate

Transitioning to the advanced practice role is a wonderful opportunity for an RN who wants to do more. As an advanced practitioner, you are a nurse first. You then build upon the nursing fundamentals of patient care that are so fulfilling. Accept the challenge to become an advanced practice nurse in adult health and provide health promotion, disease prevention or chronic disease management to individuals.

Certification & Career Opportunities

Graduates of this major meet criteria for taking certification exams as Adult-Gero Primary Care Nurse Practitioners or Medical-Surgical Clinical Nurse Specialists and have achieved an outstanding pass rate.

The nurse practitioner role is showing considerable growth. A certified NP may work for a physician group, seeing the patient in the office and following up in the hospital, or with a specialty group like cardiology, orthopedics or general practice. Graduates are employed in private practice, clinics, long-term care, home care and various occupational health settings as well as physician practice groups. Our graduates have achieved an outstanding pass rate on certification examinations, allowing every student to earn an APN job. Many are hired in the setting where they experience their last clinical, and opportunities often come by word of mouth.

Clinical Hours

Clinical placements are determined by students’ areas of interest and career goals. Practica hours may be completed in most geographical locations based on ability to meet course objectives.

Program of Study

The plan of study for the program is determined upon a student’s acceptance and matriculation into the program and is based upon the student’s previous MSN coursework.

Program Courses

As mentioned above, the plan of study is highly individualized. For an idea of the courses that may be required, review the schema for the Adult-Gero Primary Care NP Onsite MSN program.

Contact Info

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