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Courses for Non-Nursing Majors

Most courses offered out of the UC College of Nursing are restricted to registration by students matriculated into UC College of Nursing majors only.  The list of courses below are available for non-College of Nursing students to enroll. Click here to determine the availability of these courses in our upcoming terms. (Search for the unrestricted section.)

If you are not an admitted student at the University of Cincinnati, and wish to take these courses as a non-matriculated student visit the Non-matriculated Advising page for information on steps to open a student record and register for classes.

Graduate-Level Course Offerings for Non-Nursing Majors

NURS8002 Theoretical Basis for Clinical Reasoning

This course examines the theoretical underpinnings of nursing practice, research and evidence-based practice. Emphasis is placed on applying a range of theories from nursing and related fields when making clinical decisions.

NURS8004 Biostatistics

The focus of this course is the understanding of biostatistics for application to nursing and evidence-based practice. Emphasis is placed on the interpretation and appraisal of data analyses for the selection and use of best evidence for making practical conclusions about empirical data.

NURS8006 Research and Best Evidence

This course builds on previous knowledge of research as the scientific basis for practice. Students examine approaches for the translation of the best available evidence into practice for improved outcomes in health care.

NURS8008 Health Policy

This course guides students in exploring political, economical, ethical, and social forces that currently impact decision making in health care. Patterns of influence that derive current policy development are examined and proposal of advocacy behaviors is encouraged.

NURS8022 Advanced Physiology/Patho

This course builds upon basic knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology of disease across the lifespan. The emphasis is on applied physiology and pathophysiology to enable advanced practice nurses understanding of how and why the clinical manifestations of disease occur so that appropriate therapies can be selected.

NURS8024 Advanced Pharmacology

This course prepares nurses for professional roles in advanced nursing practice with knowledge of pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic principles of common drug categories used to prevent illness, and to restore and maintain health for client systems across the life span. Mechanisms of action, pharmacologic response, usual doses, adverse effects, indications, interactions, compatibilities, contraindications and routes of administration are emphasized in acute and chronic conditions. Six hours of legal, ethical and financial content related to prescribing Schedule II controlled substances is addressed in this course as required by the Ohio Board of Nursing.

NURS8082 Learning Centered Teaching in Health Care

This course focuses on the role of the health care faculty member in developing cognitive, affective, and psychomotor student learning outcomes. Facilitating learning in traditional, flexible, and virtual learning spaces; use of evidence-based teaching; and addressing the needs of diverse learners in classroom and clinical settings will be emphasized.

NURS8084 Curriculum Design and Student Assessment

This course focuses on curriculum design and evaluation to facilitate student learning across cognitive, psychomotor, and affective domains. Strategies to assess student learning and program effectiveness will be explored.

NURS8086 Instructional Technology for Learning Centered Teaching

This course focuses on the effective use of instructional technology to support learning-centered teaching. Emphasis is place on pedagogically sound applications of instructional technologies from the perspective of theory, research, practice and future trends.