iPads in Nursing Education


Icon - a person or thing regarded as a representative symbol of something. At UC College of Nursing, we want to be the iCoN for what innovative nursing education looks like. This exciting initiative changes the way our students are educated. This undertaking is changing the way content is delivered in the classroom, skills and simulation setting, and clinical setting. iPads facilitate how both students and faculty generate content, collaborate and communicate both online and within the physical space of a classroom. This initiative is based on efforts to improve learning outcomes and, ultimately, allow our students to be prepared as better nurses.

Based on its functionality, size and price point, the College of Nursing selected the iPad mini with 128GB of storage and wi-fi with AppleCare+ as the required standardized device for incoming 2013 Sophomore students. The program has expanded to the DNP program and will be implemented at the Freshman - Junior levels of the BSN program for Fall 2014. 

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iPads help reduce costs for students.

In the past, a percentage of student fees covered student printing and computing. With iPads, the need for printing is reduced, so we’re repurposing those funds to provide students, with the iPad requirement, with $130 worth of nursing reference books that were required texts in the past. In addition, we’re providing approximately $100 worth of interactive apps that you’ll be able to download to your iPad.

And while we’re letting the decision of which type of textbooks to purchase up to students, they'll now have the option to purchase or lease eTexts which can result in significant savings in textbooks. Compared to average textbook costs, this can save more than $250 per year.

Just like textbooks, iPads qualify for financial aid funding.

And what about a your back?

The average student backpack in college is a whopping 20-25 pounds, while an iPad mini comes in at a delicate, portable 0.68 pounds.

iLearn + They Learn = We Learn

At the College of Nursing, we have been proactive in closing the generational technology gap. Our faculty members have been intensely trained in using and teaching with iPads and other technology to ensure their expertise leads to your educational success. This started with iPad Institute 1.0 in 2012 and was followed by iPad Institute 2.0 in 2013. The iPad Institute was an intense training program that prepared faculty and staff to incorporate the use of their iPads in the educational process and student services. 

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We see the iPad as an investment in our student's career.

We are working with clinical sites to incorporate iPads in real world practice to improve on the job skills. Using technology for patient education is the way of the future. We are preparing nursing leaders by granting cutting-edge opportunities that allows students to graduate ready to embrace technology in the healthcare setting.

We are building a community of nursing leaders. We are excited to be part of this and look forward to the day when our students say, as a result of their nursing education…iSaveLives.

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