Who are accelerated students?

Accelerated students come from engineering, biology, business, the humanities education, the social sciences, communication and the arts, social work, and from other health care fields. Some students have extensive post college work experience and others are recent graduates. Some have worked in a health related field; others have been home raising their children. All have a common desire to enter the practice of nursing - some because that is really what they have always wanted; others because they want to work with people and have just recently been intrigued by the rich opportunities that nursing offers.
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How much of a time commitment does the Accelerated Pathway program require?

During Phase I students have varying time commitments depending upon the number of prerequisites needed. Time commitment will also vary depending on learning style and the efficiency of study habits. If students have been away from academic study for a period of time we encourage obtaining materials that review strategies for improving study effectiveness. Phase II of the program is intense requiring full time commitment to study as the credit hours and content are heavy. To ensure success in this phase any part time work should be minimal.
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Can I do this program part time?

Depending on the number of prerequisite courses needed, study in Phase I of the program will be full or part time.

The program is full time through Phase II of the program.

During Phase III, master's courses are scheduled so that students can elect to be part time or full time students. However, students required to gain work experience post licensure may enroll part time in master's core courses or non clinical courses. 

To maintain enrollment in graduate programs, students must enroll in one course per year. (See University Graduate Program for more information).
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Do I have to be admitted to the program to start course work?

Admission is not required to enroll in Phase I prerequisite courses, however, students who haven't been officially admitted are classified as non-matriculated will be admitted on a space available bases. A list of possible equivalent courses, including online possibilities, can be obtained by emailing nursing1@uc.edu.

Application and admission is required for enrollment in Phase II courses. All of the Phase I prerequisite courses must be completed before students can start Phase II.
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If I have not yet been admitted to the Accelerated Pathway program, how do I register for any prerequisite courses that I need?

Students may register as a non-matriculated adult continuing education student through the Transfer and Lifelong Learning Center. We recommend that you consult the College of Nursing Graduate Program Advisor before registering.
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How do I request a transcript assessment?

Simply send a letter indicating your interest along with a current resume and official transcripts of all previous college work. Transcripts are considered official if they reach us in a sealed envelope from the institution.  You should have all transcripts mailed directly to you, but keep them in the sealed envelope.  When you have received all transcripts, forward them, along with resume and interest letter, to:

University of Cincinnati
College of Nursing
PO Box 210038
Cincinnati, OH  45221-0038
Attn: Program Coordinator of Admission

We will communicate with you shortly after receiving your materials, so be sure to include all contact information in your letter, including your email address. 

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Is there an age limit to any of the Phase I requirements that I may have previously taken?

Classes should have been taken within the past ten years, and Genetics within the past five years, unless these courses have been supplemented with on-going professional/educational experience. Please request a transcript assessment to determine whether or not your credits will transfer.

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What financial aid opportunities are available to Accelerated Pathway students?

Phase I Accelerated students may be eligible for financial aid after being accepted in the Accelerated Pathway program. Information is available through the UC Financial Aid Office.

Beginning in Phase II of the program Accelerated Pathway students compete with other graduate students for University Graduate Scholarships (UGS) and Graduate Assistantships (GA’s). UGS/GA’s are granted on an annual basis and must be applied for annually.

Applications for scholarships offered by the College of Nursing can be submitted during the Spring of each year
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