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Accelerated Pathways

The Accelerated Pathways program is meant for those who have earned a bachelor’s degree in a field other than nursing and want to become a registered nurse (RN), then move through a nursing master's program.

The program includes three phases that address foundational concepts, followed by RN pre-licensure courses and clinical rotations, and finally, master’s coursework with the option to move into a specialty.

Successful applicants are directly admitted into all three phases of the program.

Program Objectives

  1. Apply relevant theories from nursing and related natural and behavioral sciences as a foundation for planning holistic care to enhance modify or support population focused health care in various environmental contexts.
  2. Demonstrate clinical judgment while providing holistic care as a member of the interprofessional team in various environmental contexts. 
  3. Employ effective communication and collaboration for professional nursing practice utilizing information management and patient care technology. 
  4. Demonstrate leadership to effectively implement evidence-based interventions that promote patient safety and quality improvement initiatives within the context of the interprofessional team. 
  5. Apply nursing process to address the health of diverse populations in the provision of evidence-based, comprehensive nursing care. 
  6. Educate diverse populations in health promotion, disease prevention, maintenance, and health restoration. 
  7. Use scholarly inquiry to guide professional practice. 
  8. Demonstrate leadership in health policy, advocacy, and management of holistic care. 
  9. Apply professional standards of practice incorporating legal, ethical, and resource management.

Phase I

Phase I is the undergraduate pre-requisite phase consisting of foundation courses for the program. The courses can be completed by transferring credits from your existing degree, by testing out of course(s) or by completing additional course work. You can be admitted prior to completing Phase I courses; successful applicants are jointly admitted into all three phases of the program, and begin the program as Phase I students. Once you are admitted, you must complete all but two Phase I courses and show proof of registration in your final two to be placed in a Phase II start date.

Phase II

Students who are admitted to the program, and qualify for placement based on the criteria above, can then be placed in the next available Phase II cohort. Cohorts start Phase II in groups of 40 twice a year. Start dates for the semester schedule will be Spring and Summer Semesters. Phase II is the full-time RN pre-licensure phase taking place over 4 consecutive semesters. This phase is a combination of coursework and clinical rotations in area hospitals. Students are awarded their Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree at the end of this phase and can continue into the master’s portion, which is Phase III.

Phase III

Phase III is the master’s phase of the program, where students are given the option to continue into an advanced practice specialty area. Students can declare for a masters specialty and begin coursework upon completion of Phase II, and conferral of their BSN. (The exception is the Nurse Anesthesia program, for which interested students must apply separately.) Because most specialty areas require work experience, students typically must enroll part-time in the MSN while gaining the professional foundation needed to advance in their masters level courses and clinical experiences. The length of time for Phase III varies depending on the specialty area chosen, and whether students elect part or full time study. At the end of this phase, students who fulfill requirements are awarded a Master of Science in Nursing degree, and will be eligible to take any applicable advanced practice certification exam in their specialty area. Students will receive detailed information about their masters level options during Phase II of the program.

For More Information

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