Equity and Inclusion

Commitment to Diversity

UC College of Nursing is working to close the health gap in current disparities in partnership with the Academic Health Center, which includes the colleges of allied health sciences, medicine, nursing and pharmacy. Through student pipeline programs, innovative practices, and strategic partnerships in the surrounding community, we are working to embrace diversity in the fullest sense. In diversifying our pool of students and enhancing their academic and extra-curricular experiences, the college strives to infuse the field of nursing with culturally competent and diverse individuals.  



Urban Universities for HEALTH Project

Driving Workforce Change to Achieve Health Equity

In 2012, UC was selected to be one of five universities to participate in the Urban Universities for Health learning collaborative, formulating a partnership between higher education institutions that serve as a workforce to research, develop and define best practices in producing a culturally competent and diverse health care workforce to reduce health disparities.


  • Increase quality of evidence of data within universities to develop a diverse health care workforce that reduces health disparities
  • Identify measures which institutions can assess progress and drive great impact
  • Disseminate new knowledge, tools, and resources to assist universities and academic medical centers in increasing their capacity and contributions


  • Coalition of Urban Serving Universities
  • Association of Public Land-Grant Universities
  • Association of American Medical Colleges
  • National Institute of Health

Learning Collaborative Sites:

  • Cleveland State University/Northeast Ohio Medical University
  • SUNY Downstate
  • University of Cincinnati
  • University of Missouri - Kansas City
  • University of New Mexico

Leadership 2.0: Nursing's Next Generation Program

Through Leadership 2.0, the College of Nursing seeks to increase the number of underrepresented (URE) students admitted to its traditional BSN program through academic and extra-curricular enhancements. Through specifically tailored programs, financial/social support, and community partnerships, Leadership 2.0 immerses students in a learning environment specifically designed to enrich their undergraduate experiences and produce culturally competent and diverse nursing graduates. 


UC is committed to mission-based health care through the UC2019 Academic Master Plan. To learn more about UC master plan, click here. The College of Nursing is aligned with these goals which include:

  • The University of Cincinnati will work in collaboration with community stakeholders to develop a health workforce that increases access to health care and the opportunity for optimal health for all in the local urban community.
  • The University of Cincinnati will produce students who are culturally competent to ensure the local health care workforce have the background, qualities, and skills to serve community needs and decrease health disparities in the local urban community.
  • The University of Cincinnati will increase the educational opportunity for talented and diverse students to be recruited in order to graduate a health care workforce that reflects the diversity of the population in the local urban community.


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